Tickets with the word 'Debenture' printed on them in place of the price may be legally transferred or sold on. Tickets allocated to debenture holders are the only Championships tickets that are freely transferable and can be sold on the open market. A policy which is strongly enforced against unapproved transfers of other types of tickets. 

All tickets (including debenture tickets) and/or hospitality packages which include such tickets should not be used as a prize in any marketing or competition without the written approval of AELTC.  Apart from any breach of ticket conditions, AELTC take the view that such competitions seek to associate a brand or company with The Championships and this will not be permitted for companies or brands that are not official suppliers.

One debenture ticket obtains one person entry to the Grounds and cannot be passed to another person outside the Grounds when you leave.

Tickets allocated to debenture holders are for the court specified on the date shown and entitle the holder to entrance to that court. Ticket holders have no entitlement to view any particular match or round of mathes or any particular player. Matches may be moved from one court to another at the sole discretion of the AELTC.

The Championships 2017