Security and left luggage

In the interest of security, the AELTC reserves the right to search bags, vehicles and the person as a condition of entry to the Grounds. Comprehensive security measures will be in place for all those visiting The Championships. These will include extensive searches on entry to the Grounds and the Show Courts. Please note the restriction, which will be enforced, on the number and size of bags which may be brought into the Grounds. There will be no general left luggage facilities inside the Grounds. However, debenture holders will be able to leave small items in the debenture holders’ cloakrooms along with coats and umbrellas.

The speed of entry to the Grounds is decreased dramatically when multi-pocketed bags/backpacks are presented.

Left luggage facilities are provided outside the Grounds for items exceeding the entry criteria.

Prohibited items

  • Any bag exceeding 16" x 12" x 12" (40cm x 30cm x 30cm);
  • Hard-sided items of any size;
  • Any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives, corkscrews) and 'personal protection' sprays;
  • Large flags (over 2' x 2'), banners, rattles, klaxons or oversized hats.

Visitors in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry or ejected from the Grounds. Any prohibited items inadvertently brought to The Championships can be deposited at left luggage facilities outside the Grounds.

If you discover an accident, fire or suspect package contact a member of staff or steward or guard immediately (or telephone direct from a red emergency telephone). Give your name, the nature of the incident and the locaion. The relevant emergency services will be despatched immediately. If you are asked to evacuate a court or the Grounds, please leave by the nearest exit or as directed by uniformed stewarding staff, taking all your personal belongings with you.

Please note that, in order to ensure the effectiveness of any emergency evacuation, the AELTC regrets that spectators using wheelchairs are only permitted access to designated areas within the stands.