Selection information

Those students who complete the application process successfully and are nominated by their school representative, will attend one of the selection sessions in January.  Further details of these sessions are as follows:

  • Each school will be allocated to one session in January (Saturday, Sunday or Monday) - see 'selection dates' for further information
  • Sessions will last approx 2.5 hours and will take place at the AELTC Community Sports Ground, 216 Grand Drive, Raynes Park, SW20 9NB
  • The sessions are practical in nature and as such prospective candidates should dress accordingly.  You are expected to wear your PE kit, with hair tied back, shirt tucked in and shoe laces double knotted.  Make-up and jewellery are not permitted. You should bring indoor non-marking trainers with you and wear your outdoor shoes to the venue
  • Please note it can get cold in the venue, so you are advised to wear warm clothing.  Tracksuit bottoms are permitted and you should also bring a sweatshirt
  • During the selection sessions you will be assessed in four main areas; fitness, skills, tennis knowledge and court work.  Some further details regarding these areas are provided here
  • Spectators are not permitted at the selection sessions, you need to be dropped off and picked up according to the advertised times and should not arrive more than 30minutes before the start of the session but are recommended to arrive at least 15minutes before the start
  • Refreshments will be available at the end of the session, but you should bring some water with you
  • On arrival you will be allocated a number to wear.  It is important that you wear the correct number as this is the only way you will be identified.  As such it is recommended that you arrive early as detailed above to allow time to change your shoes and put your numbers on (front and back).

The standard we see at selection gets increasingly higher each year, with many schools in the programme training for months in preparation.  Take nothing for granted and ensure you are ready.  Make sure you arrive ahead of the start time, be decisive and urgent and listen to the instructions provided.