Selection Criteria

There are four areas of assessment:

  1. Fitness - you will be expected to complete a circuit style session lasting approx. 10 minutes followed by a stand where you need to remain as still as possible.  You will also participate in some fitness tests which may include the following; star run, illionis agility test (see below) and 30m sprint.
  2. Skills - you will be assessed on a range of core skills; rolling, receiving and feeding.  The importance here is both accuracy  i.e. hitting/reaching a target and how the skill is carried out e.g. keeping the arm straight when feeding
  3. Knowledge - your knowledge of the game of tennis is assessed via a timed multiple-choice written test.  The content of the test is based on anything that you have learnt in Modules 1-8, which is why it is important to review the modules prior to selection as they may well have been completed some time ago
  4. Court work - during the selection session, you will spend some time working on court as either a base or centre during a simulated match.  We are provided with information about your preferred position on court (base/centre) from your school representative, however; we reserve the right to change this position should you reach the training programme.  On court you need to be demonstrate:
  • A basic understanding of where you stand/kneel on court
  • An understanding of how the scoring system works
  • A knowledge of when the players change ends and when the balls change ends i.e. knowing which end the serve is taking place from and getting the balls to that end at the appropriate time
  • An understanding that no tennis balls can be rolled until a point is over i.e. if the server serves a fault on their first serve, the ball must be cleared (picked up) but it cannot be rolled
  • The ability to stand still on court during play

Please note:

  • There will be no tie breaks, ball changes etc during play in the selection sessions
  • You will be allocated to a team at random

Fitness Tests

The tests described below are highly likely to be part of the selection process.  Ensure you know the route you should take.  Please note distances can vary from the diagrams illustrated.

Illinois Agility Test

This test is measured in seconds and involves the candidate sprinting and weaving around a marked course (see diagram).  The candidate must start lying on their front.  Failure to go round the cones as directed will incur time penalties.

Fastest times recorded in recent years at selection are:

Boys: 14.62 seconds

Girls: 14.71 seconds

Star Run

This test again involves speed and agility but incorporates tennis balls.  A ball is placed at both A and E.  The candidate starts at A with the ball and sprints to E, changes the balls over, sprints around the cone at B and back to E to change the balls again.  They then run around cones C and D in turn, changing the ball over at E each time before returning to A.  The time taken is recorded in seconds. 

Fastest times recorded at selection in recent years are:

Boys: 14.09 seconds

Girls: 15.06 seconds