Year 11/11+ recalls


Following the announcement on 1 April regarding the cancellation of the 2020 Championships, the reselection trial due to take place in May will clearly no longer take place.  For those of you who were due to take part in this trial, your status will remain as 'pending' for now.  I appreciate that at this point next year, should you still wish to retrial you will be in the next year group at school or indeed have left school, where you are currently in Year 13.  

The current intention, is to allow all 'pending' year 11 and above recalls (regardless of current year group) to retrial at a date to be scheduled next year, approximately at a similar time in the calendar.  I appreciate at this time, this is a long way off, and things can change and some of you may choose to withdraw, however, there is no need to make a decision now, but thought I would share these initial thoughts with you.  Regarding the actual 'reapplication process' as such, I am yet to decide on this, but it is likely you will not be asked to complete the 14 modules again, but clearly would need to update your personal details/photo at some point.  This will be confirmed at the appropriate time.

I hope the above, goes some way to provide some clarity going forward, but I appreciate it does little to alleviate the disappointment of the lack of Championships this year.  

Miss Goldson