Reselection Results


Please be assured, that I have given significant time as always to reviewing the outcome of this weekend's sessions as well as the requirements in terms of this years numbers and positions.  As always, the final few places proved very difficult but am happy with the decisions I have made.  

To note:

  • Where your number is in bold, your acceptance is subject to your Championships availability which I have yet to receive.  Am happy to receive this at this stage as there was an issue with receiving emails over the past couple of days
  • Where your number has a (*) next to it, this indicates you have been selected for the No 1 Court Celebration on Sunday 19 May.  Please confirm your availability ASAP but no later than Friday 10 May (this is an all day event and further details will be provided in due course)
  • At this stage, if your number appears below, I simply need a confirmation that you are accepting your place and will be in touch with details regarding uniform and the induction session later this week


Please check the day you attended carefully, the number you were wearing and ensure it matches to your initials in brackets.  The numbers listed below have been ACCEPTED - many congratulations!

If your number is not listed, I appreciate this is very disappointing, but your application will be pending should we require any further recalls.  Please note there is no guarantee of this and there is no communication as to who would be next should there be any additional places.  Once again, thank you for your time and commitment this weekend, regardless of the outcome it is greatly appreciated by myself and the staff team

Miss Goldson


303 (NA)

305 (JB)

310 (TB)

311 (AB)

312 (DCB)

314 (AB)*

317 (JB)*

318 (EC)*

319 (JC)

320 (HC)

321 (MC)

322 (AD)

328 (AF)

332 (CF)*

334 (MG)*

336 (LG)*

339 (PH)*

340 (EH)

343 (FJ)

345 (AK)

350 (TK)

351 (CK)

354 (CM)

356 (PM)

357 (AO)

362 (OP)

364 (MS)

366 (DS)

367 (AS)

368 (JS)

369 (JS)

370 (ITVS)

371 (KT)

372 (CT)

374 (VV)

375 (SW)

376 (JW)

377 (JW)*

379 (TY)


304 (AB)

305 (MB)

307 (CB)

311 (LB)

312 (GBG)

313 (YCP)

314 (RC)

316 (HC)

317 (LD)

319 (SD)

320 (SD)

325 (JF)*

326 (NF)*

329 (ZF)*

331 (HH)

332 (TH)

335 (LK)*

337 (LK)

338 (ML)

339 (DL)*

340 (TM)

343 (IM)*

345 (AMK)

348 (AM)

353 (NOC)

354 (AP)

357 (TP)

360 (RP)

361 (HR)

362 (CR)*

363 (SR)

366 (AT)

367 (GT)*

368 (RT)

369 (CT)*

370 (AWF)

374 (MG)*