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Your tickets are STRICTLY NON-TRANSFERABLE and must not be sold or advertised for sale whether on the internet, in newspapers or elsewhere. Any ticket advertised for sale will be void.

Anyone found to be in breach of these rules will not be considered in future ballots for Wimbledon tickets. If you have been found to
have been in breach of Wimbledon ticket rules, you will not be permitted to purchase Wimbledon tickets via the Ticketmaster system.

By paying for your tickets online, you are agreeing to:

  • ABIDE by the 'Conditions of Sale' applicable to your application. These are reproduced below.
  • COMPLY with the following declaration:
    1. I accept that if there is no play or play is curtailed there will be no refund of money - apart from when the 'Cancellation of Play Due to Rain' system comes into operation. (For details see 'Cancellation of Play Due to Rain')
    2. I accept that if my remittance is not received by the AELTC by the due date shown on the slip the offer of tickets will be withdrawn and the tickets will be re-allocated.
    3. I confirm that the tickets are intended for my own use as the original purchaser and I am prepared to provide identification on request at any time.
    4. I confirm that this is my only application and that I accept the Conditions of Sale applicable to this application.
    5. I will ensure that the tickets will not be advertised or sold whether on the internet, in newspapers or elsewhere.


      Tickets will be issued at the discretion of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships) Limited ("AELTC") and its authorised agents for The Championships 2015 on the following Conditions:-

      1. Tickets shall not be resold or transferred (save as mentioned in 2 below) and shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent, company or otherwise than directly by the applicant from the AELTC or its authorised agent. Any ticket advertised for sale will be void.
      2. If more than one ticket is issued to an applicant those tickets may be used only by the applicant and the person intending to accompany that applicant to and at The Championships. The provision of such ticket by an applicant to such person without payment shall not contravene 1 above.
      3. Tickets are issued subject to Conditions of Entry established by the AELTC from time to time and the AELTC shall be entitled to refuse admission to any ticket holder in reasonable circumstances and shall give written reasons if requested. A copy of the full Conditions of Entry currently in force is available on the Official Website of The Championships and is also available on application.
      4. Any ticket obtained in breach of these Conditions shall be void and all rights conferred or evidenced by such ticket shall be nullified. Any person seeking to use a ticket obtained in breach of these Conditions in order to gain or provide entry to or remain at The Championships will be a trespasser and will be ejected and liable to legal action.
      5. Tickets remain the property of the AELTC at all times.
      6. Applications may be made for a maximum of 2 tickets for either Centre Court or for No.1 Court or for No.2 Court or for No.3 Court. The Declaration accompanying the application must be signed personally by the applicant and payment must be made by the applicant only. In the case of online acceptance, only the applicant is permitted to complete the acceptance form. The Declaration may be signed, or the online acceptance completed, and the tickets paid for, by someone other than the applicant provided that person has (and provides a copy with the Declaration) a formal power of attorney. No applicant (or person intending to use any ticket applied for) may submit any other application. Only one application per household will be accepted.
      7. Tickets issued are for the sole use of the applicant and any person intending to accompany the applicant in accordance with paragraph 2 above. In the event that the applicant does not wish to or is unable to use any tickets issued to them it is a Condition that the applicant must offer to return the tickets for a refund to the AELTC. Whilst the AELTC will normally accept and refund the price of such tickets (provided that the tickets are returned at least 24 hours before the date for which such tickets are valid), the AELTC shall not be bound to do so. Where an applicant wishes to cancel before tickets have been despatched, the AELTC will issue a full refund subject to an administration charge of £10 which it reserves the right to levy.
      8. The position of the seats allotted to each applicant will be determined by ballot.
      9. The result of the ballot shall be entirely at the discretion of the AELTC whose decision in all matters relating to the ballot shall be final. The AELTC must reserve the right to cancel the ballot if, due to reasons beyond the AELTC's control, there are not sufficient tickets available to justify holding such a ballot.
      10. In the event of any curtailment or cancellation of play due to any cause (other than negligence of the AELTC) other than rain, it is regretted that no refund of money can be made. See General Information - paragraph 3 - for details of the 'Cancellation of Play Due to Rain' system.
      11. The AELTC reserves the right to change the programme without notice where it is reasonably necessary to do so. NB - Tickets are for the court specified on the date shown and entitle the holder to entrance to that court and not to view any particular match or round of matches. Matches may be moved from one court to another.
      12. By applying for tickets, applicants warrant that they have never been refused entry to The Championships or been ejected from the premises, and further warrant that they have never sold or advertised for sale tickets in breach of The Championships' terms and conditions. The AELTC reserves the right to cancel tickets for applicants found to be in breach of this policy.
      13. The AELTC reserves the right to change these Conditions from time to time. Where such change materially affects the rights of the purchaser, the purchaser will have the right to a full refund.

      Important Notice
      It may be a criminal offence to make multiple applications or use false particulars in applying for tickets.

      Please do not post pictures of your ticket offer or tickets on social networking sites. People may use the details and offer them for sale online to defraud/attempt to defraud third parties into buying them. This may result in ticket holders encountering difficulties when visiting Wimbledon.


      1. If original tickets are lost, duplicate tickets may be issued to the original successful applicant at a charge of £12 per ticket. Duplicate tickets then take priority over the originals in use of the seats.
      2. Babes in arms and children under 5 will not be allowed into Centre Court or No.1, No.2 or No.3 Courts, or Courts 12 or 18. Children under the age of 16 must attend with an adult and be supervised appropriately.
      3. Cancellation of Play Due to Rain

        Details of the Raincheck policy introduced in 2001 are as follows and apply to all 13 scheduled days of The Championships, including the final Sunday.
        1. If there is less than one hour's play because of rain on the court for which tickets have been bought, the original purchasers of the tickets for that court on that day will be refunded with the amount which they paid for those tickets - the maximum refund payable will be the face value of the tickets for the day concerned.
        2. Purchasers of Grounds Passes at the turnstiles (except those purchased after 5pm) will be eligible for a full refund if, due to rain, the average amount of play on those courts accessible with a Grounds Pass and for which play was originally scheduled is less than one hour.
        3. If there is more than one hour's play, but less than two hours' play, refunds will be limited to half the amount paid.
        4. The Referee's decision on how much play has taken place will be final.
        5. Only the original purchasers are eligible for refunds under this policy. Refunds will be paid out automatically for tickets bought in advance, but tickets bought at the turnstiles (prior to 5pm only) should be returned without delay to: The Ticket Office, AELTC, "Raincheck", PO Box 98, London SW19 5AE.
        6. In view of the numbers that could be involved, please do not call at the AELTC's Ticket Office or telephone the AELTC.
        7. Tickets purchased at the Ticket Resale kiosk are not covered by this policy as the monies are passed to charity.
        8. Separate terms and conditions apply a) to Debenture Holders as notified by The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc and b) to any extra days of play.

      Important note:

      Refunds are calculated as defined above and using the Referee’s record of how much play has taken place on any given day. It is this official figure which determines whether or not customers are entitled to refunds, rather than the amount of play which an individual spectator may have seen.

      The early rounds of The Championships are played on Days 1 to 7. The provisional programme from Day 8 is as follows:

      Tuesday Ladies’ Singles Quarter-finals
      Boys' & Girls' Doubles
      Invitational Doubles
      Centre and No.1 Courts

      Wednesday Gentlemen’s Singles Quarter-finals Centre and No.1 Courts
      Thursday Ladies’ Singles Semi-finals
      Championship Doubles Semi-finals
      Centre Court
      Centre or No.1 Court
      Friday Gentlemen’s Singles Semi-finals
      Championship Doubles Semi-finals
      Wheelchair Doubles
      Centre Court
      Centre or No.1 Court

      Saturday Ladies’ Singles Final
      Gentlemen’s Doubles Final
      Ladies’ Doubles Final
      Centre Court
      Centre Court
      Centre Court
      Sunday Gentlemen’s Singles Final
      Mixed Doubles Final
      Centre Court
      Centre Court

      On the last three days on No.1 Court, there will be a full programme of play; it will comprise Juniors’ and Invitational matches, with the possibility of Championship Doubles Semi-finals. The Committee of Management will adhere as closely as possible to this programme but is unable to guarantee that it will be maintained in its entirety because of weather, injury etc., during the course of the tournament.

      All information is correct as of February 2015.

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