Get Set, Get Active Fund

Please note that the Get Set, Get Active Fund has now closed. We will reopen for applications in early 2019. Please follow us on Twitter @WimbledonFdn or visit our website for more news about our grants and community activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers general questions about the Fund, including: eligibility, priorities and the application process. For further information about the Get Set, Get Active Fund please read our Get Set, Get Active Fund Guidelines.

For guidance on completing the online form, including how to log in, save and submit your application, click here to view FAQs – Online Application.

FAQs - General

1.    What is the aim of the Wimbledon Foundation’s Get Set, Get Active Fund?

The Wimbledon Foundation’s Get Set, Get Active Fund aims to support local community groups and sports clubs in providing sports and physical activities which help people to improve their lives and make a positive difference in our local community.

2.    What are the priorities of the Get Set, Get Active Fund?

We want to help people of all ages and abilities to have the opportunity to take part in local physical or sports activities in their community. We are particularly interested in supporting groups which tackle social needs and help people facing disadvantages, to improve their quality of life.

We will prioritise projects which work with any groups with greater social need, for example:

3.    Who can apply to the Get Set, Get Active Fund?

In order to apply your organisation must be based in the London Boroughs of Merton or Wandsworth, or already be operating in at least one of these boroughs.

We welcome applications to fund physical and sports activities from:

What if my organisation is not a registered organisation?
If you are not a registered organisation, you can still apply but will need to provide contact details of an independent person, for example a local councillor, local authority or sports officer who is aware of your application and can provide a reference for your work. A governing document (e.g. your constitution or memorandum and articles) and separate bank account for your group are required.

4.    Who cannot apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot fund:

5.    Do you fund individuals?

No, we will not fund individuals. This includes individuals seeking coaching qualifications, individuals providing activities or individual participants. We can only give grants to organisations.

6.    Will you fund London-based or national organisations?

We will consider applications from organisations that provide existing activities in the London boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth. Activities must take place within either or both of the two boroughs. Priority may be given to groups based locally.

7.    Will you fund faith groups?

We can consider funding faith organisations if the application is for sports/physical activities that benefit the wider community. We cannot fund religious activities.

8.    Will you fund the costs of purchasing a vehicle or capital costs?

No, we cannot consider requests for vehicle purchases or any capital costs (building refurbishment)

9.    Will you fund travel to overseas competitions?

No, we cannot fund travel abroad. Hire of transport for local use may be considered.

10. Will you fund schools?

No, we cannot fund schools or work which is part of the core PE curriculum. Sports or physical activity groups that want to run activities using school facilities outside of school hours for the wider community may be considered.

11.  Will you fund ongoing costs?

No, we cannot fund ongoing costs. The Get Set, Get Active Fund will provide one-off grants to support activities taking place between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020. Requests for core costs or ongoing costs cannot be considered.

12. Will you fund activities which have already taken place or purchases already made?

No, we cannot fund any activities that have already taken place or equipment which has already been purchased. If you are successful with your application, you will only be able to spend the grant once you have completed all the paperwork and received the money from the Wimbledon Foundation.

13. Can my group or organisation apply if we have already received funding from the Wimbledon Foundation?

You can apply to the Get Set, Get Active Fund if your organisation has previously received funding from the AELTC or the Wimbledon Foundation.Groups should not apply for ongoing costs or the same project costs previously funded by the Get Set, Get Active Fund. Grantees are only able to apply for further funding once they have submitted a satisfactory monitoring report. Applications for different activities and projects may be considered. If the Fund is oversubscribed organisations which have not received funding may be prioritised.

14. How much can we apply for and what will you fund?

Local groups and clubs active in the boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth can apply for grants ranging from £500 up to £2,500 towards the costs of direct sports or physical activity provision including:

This is not a complete list and any direct costs of physical activity or sports provision such as administration, transport hire and public liability insurance, may be considered.

15. Can we make more than one application?

Only one application per organisation can be submitted.

16. When is the grant deadline?

Friday 1 March 2019, 12.00pm (noon).  

17. When does the project have to take place?

If you are successful, the activities/one-off purchases should take place after 1 July 2019 and be completed by 30 June 2020.       

18. How do I apply online?

You can apply to the Get Set, Get Active Fund via the online application process. Applications are only complete if submitted with supporting documents:

19. How do I submit supporting documents?

Applications must be submitted with the following supporting documents in PDF format (maximum 5MB in size):

Use the Browse option to select and upload your documents at the end of the form. Supporting documents should only be uploaded at the very end of the application process when you are ready to submit, as attachments will only be saved on final submission.

If you have any application issues or need to submit documents larger than 5MB, please contact  Kate Wilson, Grants and Community Officer, by email: or telephone 020 8971 2707.

20. If we are awarded a grant, what type of monitoring/report is expected? 

We would like to hear about your activities and how the grant has helped local people. We will expect a short monitoring report, which should include your achievements, the number of people participating, case studies and a breakdown of how the funding has been spent. The report should be submitted within four weeks of the final activity/purchase.

21. When will we hear the outcome of the application?

The Wimbledon Foundation will aim to notify successful applicants within eight weeks of the application deadline. A timeline of the application process is available in the Get Set, Get Active Fund Guidelines.

22. What happens if we are successful?

We will send you a conditional grant offer. You will need to accept our terms and conditions of the grant; send us any documents that help us to check the information in your application and sign and return a hard copy of our offer letter within four weeks.

23. How do I find out more about the Wimbledon Foundation?

For more information about the Wimbledon Foundation please visit our website:  


FAQs – Online application


1.    How do I register/log in?

The Register and Log in buttons are located in the top right corner of the website: Enter your email address and password to be able to save and return to your application. Only one person per organisation should log into the application at a time.

2.    What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Click on the Log in button located in the top right corner of the page. Select the Reset password option at the bottom of the page and enter your email address. A new password will be sent to your email account.

3.    How do I change my password?

To change your password, click on your email address in the top right corner of the screen.

4.    How do I complete the form?

Read the help notes on the right-hand side to help you answer the questions. You can use the mouse or the tab button to move from one answer box to the next. Use the Previous, Next and Save buttons at the bottom of every page to move through the application and save your progress.

Only attach the supporting documents as the very last step before you press the red Submit button in the bottom right-hand corner.

5.    Why can’t I go to the next page of the form?

In Sections A, B and C your answers may stop you from progressing because your answers indicate that you are not eligible to apply. Check the Get Set, Get Active Fund Guidelines for details of what we will and will not fund.

Also, please check the screen for any messages in red and make sure that you have answered all of the questions on the page before continuing.

6.    Can I save and return to the form later?

Yes, you can. Click Save at the bottom of each page to save your form at any time. Use the Log in option in the top right corner to return to an existing application. You can then choose Edit in the Actions menu to continue completing the form.

Once you select Submit at the end of the application you cannot make any further changes.

7.    Can I preview the application?

On the My Application page you can preview your entire application using the Details option in the Actions menu.

A PDF preview of the application questions are available for reference and can be downloaded below:

PDF application questions - not for submission

8.    How do I upload supporting documents?

Supporting documents should only be uploaded at the very end of the application process when you are ready to submit, as attachments will only be saved on final submission.

Use the Browse option to select and upload your documents at the end of the form just before submitting. Supporting documents should be in PDF format and maximum 5MB in size.

If you have any application issues or need to submit documents larger than 5MB an evidence of costs, please contact Kate Wilson, Grants and Community Officer, by email: or telephone 020 8971 2707.