Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative
Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative

  Welcome to the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative

The WJTI is the trail blazing community tennis initiative run by The All England Club.   It is a unique scheme which broadens the base at grassroots level through its school visits and offers players the chance to develop their skills and enjoy the game in the sessions held at the Club.  Who knows, the next British Wimbledon Champion may be found here!

To date over 100,000 children have enjoyed their first experience of tennis with the WJTI with 2,500 children receiving scholarships for free tennis sessions at The All England Club.  The Initiative has attracted much praise and attention as it succeeds in all areas from playground to performance:  


 "I would really like to thank the All England Club and Head Coach Dan Bloxham and his team for setting an outstanding example in all they are doing with the WJTI. I have attended a number of coaching sessions and the enthusiasm of the juniors and their parents was fantastic. We need hundreds of coaches like Dan Bloxham and schemes like the WJTI all around the country. The Club has set the standards for others to follow and we are very appreciative of the WJTI for what it achieves for British Tennis"

Roger Draper
Chief Executive of the LTA

"When I visited the primary schools in the Merton and Wandsworth area it was an unbelievable experience. The look on the faces of the youngsters was great when Dan Bloxham took them for some coaching. I wish the scheme every success and I look forward to making another visit in the future."

Brad Gilbert
LTA Coach